Monday, December 21, 2009


The semester is finally done! Breathe. Rest. Relax. The last few weeks were especially hectic. Since we had several final projects due the last week, I devised a strategy to work on one project at a time and check it off the list, in order to entirely focus on my term garment at the end. I actually had projects done a week in advance. My friend, Anna, called me "the most productive procrastinator" she knew. But it worked! 

Since I was so focused on school, the fact that Christmas was right around the corner was completely lost on me. However, we got our first snow in New York and it was magical! Now it seems a lot more like Christmas. It started off as a little dusting of flakes and then it turned into SNOW as indicated in the photos below. 

The culmination: Term Garment. I started off dreading this project. I'm generally not extremely interested in evening gowns so I wasn't too excited to make one. The one thing that had me interested was my idea to do a side cowl in a stripe fabric. When I saw this fabric, it was so unique that I was instantly drawn to it. My original sketch seemed a lot more elegant but the fabric transformed the dress into something completely different. Some people do elegant, some do sexy... I suppose I do edgy. In the end, I am really proud of myself for making a garment from start to finish, without instructions and with proper finishing techniques. Merry Christmas and Happy Term Garment!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ciao Bella

I almost can't believe that the semester is coming to a close. The cliche saying, "It seems like it was just yesterday..." is so fitting right now. I've never learned so many things in such a short amount of time and I've never felt more fulfilled in my life. However, the pace was a little too "break-neck" for me so I am looking forward to a little down time over the holiday break, but I know myself and I can't stand to be static for long. I am already looking forward to next semester, spending the majority of my time doing Fashion Illustration and honing my art skills. I am going to experiment with watercolor and pen over the break and I get giddy just thinking about it. I am also looking forward to next Fall as well, since it is very likely that I will be studying Knitwear in Milan for the year. That leads me to the project that I am featuring today. My inspiration was the Marni Design House, based in Italy. Marni collections feature sophisticated colors and prints done to perfection. The silhouettes are uncommon, sometimes feminine and I love their styling. So, for my Computer project I did my version of Marni, with a theme centered around Italy. I've gotten much better at Photoshop and we used Illustrator to make the flats, which is exciting but there's so much more to learn. I also created the plaids and the print, using Photoshop. Hope you like! Ciao!