Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freedom Frolic

The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday in my family. Every year the family gathers to BBQ and watch the fireworks. This Independence Day was my first away from home, but I wasn't alone! Bree and I made our way to Coney Island for the infamous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. The place was packed with people waiting to watch the contestants pack themselves with hotdogs. I was most shocked by the two 105 lb. women competing in the event. They qualified by eating 34 hotdogs in ten minutes! Where does it go?! I plan to have my own hot dog eating contest in the future.

After leaving Coney Island, my friends, Anna and Cameron, graciously invited me and other chums to their abode overlooking ground zero. We started with passionfruit sangria, snacked continuously on chips and dip and then indulged in way too many delectable sliders. Bree introduced us all to Fruit Pizza and now I'm hooked. The "crust" of Fruit Pizza is sugar cookie spread out on a pizza pan, the "sauce" is cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar, and the toppings are slices of strawberries, kiwi, peaches, bananas and blueberries. When it got dark, we all headed down to the Hudson River to watch the firework display. It was magnificent, I adore fireworks, as you can tell in the video that Bree took of me.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer in the City

May 25th, the day after the last day of classes, the day that I graduated with an Associate's degree in Fashion Design and the day I couldn't go to the graduation ceremony because it was also the day I had to move out of the dorm... and it was a long day. I started my day with a trip to the Manhattan Mini Storage near the South Street Seaport to store most of my belongings. Below is a view of the Brooklyn Bridge near the seaport.

After I got back from the storage space, I commenced to moving the rest of my belongings two blocks away to my summer sublet. I imagine moving your stuff via the sidewalks is some sort of christening that a "true" New Yorker must experience.

I then experienced another New York treasure, moving my belongings up four flights of stairs. Fun.
(Uh oh, do I sound like a jaded New Yorker already?!) But I liked the view from the bottom of the stairs looking up to the roof so I took the picture below and proclaimed it to be the best picture I've ever taken.

My former roommate and good friend, Bree, moved into the apartment, as well, and we gained two new amazing roommates in the process! I couldn't ask for a better arrangement. I love the apartment and I love the unique views. Below is a photo of the view from the kitchen window. It has kind of an old world feel, and it feels special that this is MY view, no one can see this hidden area from the street.

I also had to conquer my fear of heights to climb out on the fire escape. I used the exposure method to keep going farther and farther out the window every day until I could sit on the stairs, but I still cling to the railings as if gravity is also going to have a wind-like power. I love the fire escape anyway.

Finally a free day, no school, no work and where do you go on a day like that? Picnic at Central Park, of course. Bree and I headed to the park and ran into Lucy on the train. It was her birthday and the stars aligned to invite Lucy to our picnic! Bree is very hungry.

Lucy is one of my favorite people that I've met in New York. We actually first spoke on the day before the first day of school, almost a year ago, when I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Flea Market. We were in the same tent checking out the clothing and she was discussing a pair of pants with the sales-lady and I chimed in and asked her if she could sew and offered my opinion of how she could alter them. Funny that I asked her if she could sew, because a couple weeks later she transferred into my draping class and we've been friends ever since. She is originally from Sydney, Australia and now she is a professional globe trotter and I think she is going to have a very positive impact on the world in some way. I love Lucy. 

The next thing you do when it's summer is go to the beach! Coney Island again, and this time I dipped my feet and played in the waves.

Below is a photo of the first jellyfish that I have ever seen. I thought it was a monumental moment so I documented it... what? Look, it really looks like jelly!

Memorial Day was spent at Central Park, near the John Lennon memorial, listening to Lennon cover songs and eating delicious food on a picnic blanket with amazing people. I laughed harder that day than I had in a while and it was perfection. 

Another New York experience is the Frying Pan. The Frying Pan is a restaurant that is essentially on a boat. It stays docked, it's sunny, outdoors, it barely rocks with the waves, decent bar food, drinks, interesting people watching. However, it wouldn't be my pick for a night out since I hear it resembles a frat party, but it's nice during the day!

Are you getting tired of sight seeing yet? Another must-do is the High Line Park. The city has converted old freight train tracks into a lofty walkway that mixes nature in with an urban landscape. When it is finished, it will stretch a mile and a half. It's an enjoyable stroll off the beaten path and when I went, the sun was at that perfect point where all the colors of the city come alive.

Sun is actually very important in a healthy lifestyle, in moderation, so Bree and I went to have a healthy dose on the roof. I brought my umbrella to provide the moderation part. I love summer.

If I hadn't have been on the roof, I would have never noticed the airplanes doing their skywriting. Personally, I think it's a waste of fuel to fly planes just for the purpose of blowing smoke out of their *&%$# but at least the sky is pretty. Gotta look on the bright side. Ciao for now.