Saturday, June 13, 2009

Space and Style Continuum

Last weekend, the Annual West 18th Street Fashion Show drew a crowd of Earthlings seeking some "out of this world" fashion. The theme "Summer in Space" was interpreted by the designers in a multitude of ways, spanning from futuristic innovation, to "Barbarella-esque" costumes, to more pret-a-porter clothing, all the way to missing the mark completely. My fashion show partner, Andrea, and I were thoroughly excited to get to watch the show this year after having to endure being backstage for the whole thing last year. Andrea and I took our collection very seriously last year, spending the majority of our free time manifesting our concepts into reality. From my experience with being behind the scenes and knowing the amount of work that I had put in, I couldn't help being disappointed with some of the collections that were presented. It seemed one designer had put little work or imagination into his collection, while some collections showed a respectable amount of work but were severely tacky. Those tacky garments don't deserve to be displayed on my blog, but I have included some of my favorites from the show. I am happy to say I was impressed by some of the talent in Kansas City and those designers made me itch to stitch.