Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ode and Odium

A spindly and loud creature with a perplexing nature, predictable yet enigmatic, loving with a razor-sharp tongue, he fills most of the space in my bubble. He thrives on absorbing antagonistic views, a polar fuel for his philosophy, studying the enemy in order to oppose. Wise and intelligent, yet exudes the wonder of an innocent. Spellbound by the mundane, a peculiar outlook and an eye for the sky. His excitement is contagious, his finest form of persuasion. With blue eyes that stray far from cliche, his windows are clear when they aren't clouded by deception. White lies as light as feathers, blowing in the winds of his whims. He'll give you the inspiration off his back, always an ear-full, and everyone has something to gain and offer.

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