Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Capricorn Cabal

Birthdays are infinitely more fun when they are shared with friends. I feel very fortunate that some of my best friends also have January birthdays and we have been celebrating together for the past few years. I feel even more fortuitous that although my friends have been scattered across the country, we all joined together again for this birthday blowout! Taking it back to the old school, we went roller skating! It was the bees knees but the best part was being with good friends.

After roller skating, we all headed over to Craig's house for the after-party. Joey and I decorated with streamers and balloons before we went skating, and it really helped the ambiance. At first the party was quite mellow since everyone was exhausted from skating, but soon the drinks starting flowing and the chaos ensued.

Below I caught Joey (left) and Monica (right) in a candid moment. Monica lives in Portland, OR and her wonderful fiance surprised her with a plane ticket to see us birthday girls. We were all so happy to be united again. I would like to include a thank you to Joey for the use of some of her photos from the night.

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