Friday, March 12, 2010

Its Time We "Met"

I always feel guilty when it takes me this long between posts. So, sorry! I've been quite busy and I am coming to accept the notion that I probably won't be sleeping much during the week. Nine classes is a handful but things are going well. Even though school is busy, I have managed to do more around the city than I did last semester, including visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is an impressive, eclectic mix of history and art. It is a great reminder that art is something that transcends ages, so it must be important. Below are a couple of pieces from the museum that I found especially beautiful. The first is a collage of a neighborhood in Brooklyn by Romare Bearden. The other is a collection called "Damaged Bones" by Michael Aschenbrenner.  It consists of a collection of glass bones bound in interesting ways, a sculptural metaphor for casualties of war. 

On the way to the museum I was stopped in my tracks when I saw these very tired little puppies. I miss my animals so much.  

Maybe thats why I turned to animals for inspiration for my Lookbook Project for my Collections class. The assignment was to create a mass-market collection for a luxury designer. I chose to present my take on Givenchy for Urban Outfitters. These pages were printed and bound in a book and I am very happy with the outcome. This book, my portfolio and a Valentino-inspired collection will be on display in the FIT AAS Exhibition on April 30-May 4. Please come!


  1. DANG girl! you're so good! those puppies are heartwrenchingly cute.

  2. I love your sketches!

    The Hunter Pant is one of my favorites.

  3. the zebra silk blouse is my fave...i am still so impressed by your rendering skillz. you dope fly