Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Today marked the last day of my "summer," so I decided to use my last free day and trek about town. My first destination was the Brooklyn Bridge Flea Market. I took the train to York St. and then proceeded on foot to the nearby flea market. On the way to the market, I noticed this beautiful artwork and had to snap a photo. This city is full of gorgeous graffiti and I intend to continue to document it for my own pleasure.

Once I reached the flea market, I was pleased with the assortment of merchandise the vendors were selling and the bargaining action that was taking place. There was a plethora of antiques, clothes, shoes, accessories, bikes, food and knick-knacks galore. I started chatting with a lady at her booth, asking where she buys her products from and amazingly enough, we figured out that we both went to the same high school! It's a small world after all...

After meandering around the entire market, I decided I couldn't pass up the notorious Maine Lobster Rolls that they sell. Lobster, during an afternoon stroll? Yes, please!

After I left the market, I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, why not? It was an enjoyable jaunt, a little over a mile, nice scenery, but the bike lane looked like more fun. I actually love bridges, the architecture is so beautiful to me. The other bridge across the way is the Manhattan Bridge, both spanning the East River.

After the trek across the bridge, I decided to walk up Broadway, which is a shopping mecca. Unfortunately, by that time, I was already starting to fade and dragging my sore feet, so even though I did go into many stores, I didn't enjoy them as much as I usually do. I will go back and I'll have to hit up the bargain that is Canal Street, as well. Alas, goodbye summer, hello school. Wish me luck!

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