Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doggie Date

My canine boyfriend, Elliott, and I went on a date to the Three Dog Bakery event at Vinino on Monday night. The dogs were served breadstick appetizers, a meatball side dish, a lasagna entree, and a mousse dessert, while the humans were left to fend for themselves. Elliott is a picky eater and he somehow knew he was not being served "people food" even though what they served looked pretty edible, nonetheless he devoured his meatball. He is also pretty antisocial when it comes to other dogs but he didn't attack any of them too severely and towards the end of the night he was pretty friendly with Angel's pug, Meatball. One of my favorite parts was when Elliott met the huge great dane, named Ellie. He was intimidated by her size and had to put the bluff in on her and protect his puppy friend, Meatball. Elliott is the greatest dog. He is super mellow, super lovey dovey, and super funny and cute. One of the cutest things is when you play the "I got your nose" game with him. He goes crazy when you take his nose, he needs that thing! But as soon as you say, "Okay, you can have it back" and put it back on his face, he calms down. Its adorable but sometimes Craig makes Elliott so frustrated without his nose that I have to say, "Give his nose back!" He also loves to chase squirrels, even though he is about the same size as them. One day he reacted to a song on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, called "Sports," for some reason thinking they were singing about squirrels. He still runs around crazy if you say "sports," my little jock, he loves sports. Elliott is my most favorite dog in the whole world and I am going to miss him so much when I leave.

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