Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tulle Time

If you've read my friend Joey's blog recently, Text on Textiles, then you know the Kansas City Ballet is prepping for a show, titled "Salute," which called for a heap of tutus. My friend Lily, who was also Joey's design partner in the West 18th Street Fashion Show, works in the Ballet's costume department full time and asked me to help out for the day to help finish up the tutus. Hilary and I had the job of tacking the tulle in place and although it was a long day at work, it was fun and a refreshing change from the blood center. It was nice to work around like-minded people and also helped to remind me that I am getting closer and closer to my new career in fashion design. Sewing is challenging, time consuming and only gets easier with practice but I feel it is very important to know how to construct a garment in order to be a fashion designer. Although I was just doing simple hand sewing today, I was still using the subjective part of my brain to determine the aesthetic of the tutu and that is the part that I look forward to the most in the future, being creative and getting paid for it. Thanks Lily!

Below: Hilary and me, tacking tutus.


  1. AAHHAAHHH. welcome to my tutu hell! thanks for helping out!