Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Balenciaga

My latest project in Fashion Art & Design was the Tailored Garment Project based on a Great Design House. My inspiration house was Balenciaga. I chose to highlight the volume, architecture and dark colors that Balenciaga was known for. These figures are my most favorite yet, since they have a lot of "style." I also like how they look like they're floating and that the garments are floating around them. The mood page has a picture of a historical Balenciaga garment, which I thought looked like a big black cloud and hence it fit my stormy theme.


  1. i want to wear them all. and i love the stormy background. you should do a desertscape next to honor my wwoofing in the mojave. :)

  2. may I ask what program do you use?
    I'm making my baby steps in photoshop, but maybe there is something better. i.e., easier :)

    p.s. great illustrations, indeed!

  3. The illustrations and flats were done on paper and then I scanned them into Photoshop to place them on the background. I use the magic wand tool to select the area around the figure, then go to "Select" and click "Inverse" and it will select the figure. Much faster than the lasso tool.

  4. so photoshop it is one way or another!

    thank you for the info, I'll try it out, maybe it'll work for me too :)

    p.s. merry christmas time and happy new year!