Sunday, November 15, 2009

TG: Term Garment

As the finish line draws nearer, the words "term garment" take on new meaning. No longer is it the time for half garments, in muslin, pinned. Now, since we've almost completed an entire 3 semesters in 1, we are obviously ready to drape, pattern and sew a complete Vionnet-inspired evening gown... Stay tuned for that adventure.

In Structured Draping, the professor moved the "term garment" project up so that we wouldn't be going TG crazy all at the end, best to spread out the crazy... The assignment was the notched-collar jacket and it took us an entire month to finish. First, we padded the form to allow for the clothing that one wears under a jacket. Then, we draped the body, lapel, sleeve and collar in muslin. We then made paper pattern pieces from that body, changed some measurements here and there (it was much more calculated than my description) and made two new sets of patterns, the suit pattern and the lining pattern. I chose to do a single-breasted jacket, with an oversized lapel and collar, a shortened sleeve and two buttons with a besom pocket. Structured draping TG: check!

After such a long and drawn out process with the notched-collar jacket, I kind of forgot what a deadline felt like in that class. The latest assignment was a sewn raglan-sleeve jacket, no lining, with a collar, pocket and closures. Since I'm a bit obsessed with the underarm cowl I just had to do it again. After I was done kicking myself, I realized I really like the way it turned out. I also got lucky because I totally forgot to design a pocket into it, but the bottom cowl just happens to work as a pocket! The closures would be toggles. We are supposed to choose one jacket from either the raglan, kimono or drop shoulder to showcase on the final day, nicely sewn with lining, and I am seriously contemplating making this one as a full garment, in real fabric so I can wear it. That might be a little too much crazy for me to handle... and there's always winter break!

While I was inside draping, this is what New York looked like outside... stunning.

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