Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buon giorno!

Back to school, again. I am attending Politecnico di Milano via FIT and fortunately for me, the orientation is quite extensive. We have covered a lot of ground, literally, walking for hours around the city everyday. The architecture in Milan is interesting, some old mixed with some new. The streets are very narrow and they are not on a grid like New York, so I don't really know if I'll ever get used to that. However, there is much to explore! 

Milan is a northern city, so it gets colder than the southern cities. For that reason, Milan is infamous for having hidden gems within unassuming building facades. Yesterday, we went on a tour focused on hidden courtyards. The photo below is of 10 Corso Como. Although I had walked through here a previous day, I was unaware of the restaurant, gallery and bookstore hiding behind this building.

Below is a photo of my classmate, Amelia.

Below is a photo of the Needle, Thread and Knot, located in Piazzale Cadorna, outside of the train station. It represents the metro system, starting above ground and then plunging below, the threads being the train lines intertwining. I think it is also an appropriate icon for Milan, since Milan is the fashion capital of Italy.

Below is another interesting sculpture but I am unsure where we were at that time.

Outdoor cafes are pretty common, which is perfect after a lot of touring on a nice day.

Four of my classmates and I kept exploring the city, long after the others went home. We stayed out for about 12 hours, which gave me the opportunity to get some fantastic night shots. Below, the grand Duomo.

After so much walking, we couldn't resist dessert. Who could?

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