Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Lifetime Of Fashion

One of my favorite stops on the way to Florence was the Fondazione Cerratelli. This is a foundation that houses a huge collection of costumes for theatre, and such. When we went, there was a painter who was dressing up his models in 18th century costumes. He then posed them, photographed them and he would later use those photographs to paint a huge mural. Amazingly, we got to touch everything and we even got to use the costumes in a little spontaneous project. We were put into groups and our goal was to combine the vintage garments into a modern, present-day outfit.

Below are the styles that the class came up with, starting with my group.

In Florence, we went to several apparel museums. The first was at Museo Pietro Annigoni, which featured sculptural dresses.

When we went to Emilio Pucci's residence, I was well aware it was a rare gift. Pucci is known for bright colors and wild prints. 

Back in Florence, Briana, Regine, Christina and I happened upon the House of Fabrics and its wonderful proprietor Romano Romoli. He enlightened us with history of Florence, including the flood of 1966 in which he lost 15,000 meters of fabric in the store. He also shared with us one of the poems from his book.

"Velo di Sposa"

Dov'e il nero cratere
che partori la bianca
Il ghiacciaio che la scolpi.
L'argento dei fiumi
che la imprigionarono.
Milleni oscuri ammanta
il muschio della foresta.
Soli due alberi
stretti in tenero abbraccio.
Bianca cascata
sull'alto dirupo
e velo di sposa
mosso da giovani venti.

"Bridal Veil"

Where is the black crater
that gave birth to the white
The glacier that carved it.
The silver of the rivers
that imprisoned it.
Forest moss cloaks
the dark millenia.
Only two trees
bound in a tender embrace.
White cascade
on the high precipice
is a bridal veil
moved by young winds.

If that wasn't enough, he also personally draped us in some of his fine fabrics.


  1. ack, those costumes are so cool! im JEALOUS!

  2. Nice blog. Roberto Capucci's sculptural dresses are amazing!