Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paris is for Lovers

Craig wanted to take me to Paris for my birthday, so we hopped a plane.  We flew over the Swiss Alps on our way and those mountains are majestic. 

We checked into the Prince De Galles hotel and I highly highly recommend it.  

I was so excited that there was a balcony on our room and I ran outside and started taking photos.

The photo below is the photo I took right before Craig proposed to me on the balcony! It's a dream come true.  

Craig said that the three diamonds represent the three owners. The ring belonged to his grandmother, his mother and now, me. I love my vintage ring. 

We walked down Rue Georges V and stopped at a restaurant that had outdoor seating. People watching in Paris is the thing to do.

We decided to walk a little farther down the street, turned the corner and Voila! the Eiffel Tower! And it was sparkling! I don't really know why but I have an abnormal love for the Eiffel Tower. 

Tea time at the hotel.

My fiance is an "every-man," like a chameleon he can adapt to look like his surroundings. He looks so charming and french.

The Louvre.

Mona Lisa.

The photo below is of two french characters that we met on the street. One of them asked Craig for a cigarette and got very excited when he learned that they were American cigarettes. The other one exclaimed, "American cigarettes?!" He threw down his cigarette and asked, "Can I have one?" How do you say no to that? They said they wanted to go to Los Angeles and asked if we knew Tupac. Classic.

Both ends of the Champs Elysees. One end has a giant ferris wheel and the other L'Arc de Triomphe.

Croque Madame, Je t'aime.

French crepes!

And we lived happily ever after.

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  1. Great pics! Hello from Brazil! :)