Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Til the Cows Come Home

Before leaving Kansas City, I, along with my good friend and fellow fashion lover, Andrea, created a two-look collection for LemonLime Photography. They specialize in wedding photography and are hoping to branch out into the fashion photography niche, so they asked us to create a collection. The location was on a cow farm in Kansas, so our collection had a country chic feel. "Country Chic?" you ask? It can be done! Andrea created the mustard-colored skirt and white blouse, and I created the lace jumper and glovelets. I adore the cowboy boots. Taylor and Christina make beautiful models and major props to the photographers, the photos look spectacular. Click on the link to see more photos of our collection as well as our friend Mary's line, Belle Amie.

Last night, I stayed up until 2:30 am again working on my draping project, but it is so worth it to me when I get a good grade. More importantly, it shows I understand the lesson and can execute it well. I actually have a 100% in that class and trust me, thats not easy. Today we displayed our shift dress, which can be very boxy like the one I made, or can be taken in at the waist to make a fitted sheath dress. The shift can easily rekindle a 60's vibe but I think mine is pretty modern. I even put in a side pocket and the bias rolled collar gives a polished finish. I also bought fabric to make one for myself since I'm tired of draping and sewing all of the time without a single garment to show for it. Just like me to squeeze in more sewing in my free time...

After all of the draping and drafting, I really enjoyed settling in to render a walking croquis for Fashion Art and Design. As I was drawing I kept thinking, "I could do this for hours." I spend hours on draping, drafting and sewing, but I could do illustration until the cows come home.

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