Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week in Full Swing

Wednesday, my favorite day of the week and getting closer to Friday, my favorite day of the weekend! Yesterday started out with the grading of our princess bodice, peter pan collar, puff sleeve, yoke and dirndle skirt concoction. When you add a peter pan collar and gathered skirt to something, it tends to look a bit like a waitress' uniform but I thought I did a nice job of continuing the curve of the collar in the yoke and the sleeve to make it cohesive. Another "A" thank you very much! Should I stop bragging about my grades? I'll consider it... The sleeve was also for a grade in Flat Pattern, I'll just let you guess what I got on it. =)

Monday started out with Computer class, where we've been learning the basics of Photoshop. Luckily, I am pretty familiar with Photoshop, otherwise the speed of the class would be daunting. However, I have much to learn and what we have learned has already come in handy. In fact, I used a lot of my new Photoshop knowledge on the illustration project that I turned in for the Art Concentration application. Results are in: I made it! I am one of 25 students who was accepted for next term's Art Concentration! In the Art Concentration, we will be focusing on conceptualizing and illustrating numerous collections and have an amazing paper portfolio that we will have on exhibition for graduation. The students in the Apparel Concentration will be focusing on advanced draping and flat pattern and will have to compete to exhibit their term garment at the time of graduation. It was a hard decision to make since I didn't want to miss out on any skills at all, but I don't see myself draping ball gowns in the future so I think I'm following the right path.

Back to Photoshop. A lot of the students view the class simply as work but I really enjoy what I'm learning and know I'll use it in the future. We started a project where we are to use Marc Jacobs as inspiration and design textile prints to use in predetermined silhouettes for a Late Spring/Early Fall Collection. Below is my Mood Page which sets the color scheme and gives me my template for my print patterns.

From the Mood Page, I created these repeat prints below. These were created quickly and are not necessarily what I am going to use but I am excited about the possibilities!

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