Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shaking and Stripping (It's Innocent!)

Nordstrom has created a wonderful environment for their employees and I learned a lot from my experiences there. I definitely have better social skills because of that job and those will serve me well in New York. However, due to the economy, I decided to go back to my prior job at the Community Blood Center. The Product Testing Lab that I was in before I went to Nordstrom was full, so they created a temporary position for me in the Components Lab. The pay and hours are good so I can't complain. However, if I was to complain, it would be because I shake bags of blood we call "Alyx" literally for seven hours a day. The bags have a long tube attached that fills up with blood, so I use the "strippers," in the upper right hand of the photo, to strip the blood back into the bag, clamp the tubing with the hemostats and manually shake the bags of blood, two at a time. After I repeat that process twice more, I use the tube sealer to make segments in the tubing in order for the hospital to test the blood before they use it.

Isn't that exciting? Nope, not really, but I can feel good that the blood I shake saves people's lives. That is what keeps me going day-to-day, that and my iPod, oh and the fact that I only have to do it for three more months because I'll be leaving for New York in August!!

Did you know that only blood products collected from unpaid donors can be transfused into hospital patients? If someone is paid for their plasma, that plasma goes to companies that produce testing supplies that blood centers use to test the donated blood.

Now, I need to get back to work on my creation for Project Bloodway, details to come.

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