Friday, April 3, 2009

Week in Style

I realized long ago that when I looked good, I felt good. Lately, since I've been taking photos of my ensembles, I've been more conscious of what I wear. Here is a week worth of my wardrobe and my reflection on each day.

On a Monday morning, you don't want to try too hard so this was a cute and simple outfit and I felt completely relaxed in it. The shirt dress is a great basic, it can be worn multiple ways. I can wear it belted, unbelted, with leggings, with jeans, or go bare-legged on a hot summer day. When I wear this I feel put together but not like I'm trying too hard and I will definitely wear this one again.

By Tuesday I'm ready for a little fun and experimentation. This dress is from American Apparel and as you can see, it is very tight. I was self-conscious about my body all day in this outfit, but I still like the way it looked. I knew I was wearing an attention-grabbing outfit and I just had to be confident and work it. I have more comfortable clothes than this, so this outfit won't be what I seek out in the near future.

After wearing such an extreme outfit on Tuesday, it was time for some extreme relaxation on Wednesday. This black linen tunic is so easy. It has a tie belt so it gives some shape but covers in all the right places. It is also a great basic because it can be worn in the same ways as my other shirt dress. I was feeling completely at ease midweek.

Uh, oops I did it again. After being so relaxed on Wednesday, I guess I was feeling a little angsty. I think I like this outfit, minus the boots. I've had these boots with straps up the sides for years and never wore them, until Thursday. After walking in them for 8 hours, I think the pain in my feet closed the deal, I kinda hate those boots. Without them, the clothes would have looked more appealing and less "motorcycle slut," pardon the term. Maybe with flats next time.

I was in need of a feminine Friday. My little black jersey dress, so comfortable and so versatile. I dressed it down with my belt and flesh-toned sweater, the sweater's length is perfect for dresses. As you can see, I love to mix black and brown and that was also reflected in my houndstooth tights. I was completely comfortable in this outfit and I'm sure I will wear a variation of it soon.

This was my favorite outfit all week because it was simple yet stylish, sexy but still modest. The ruffle top was a rediscovery, worn only a few times, the belt really set it off. The brown warms up the black and the feminine necklace adds to the softness of the ensemble. I wish all of my outfits made me feel this good.

Sunday usually calls for relaxation and my knit tank dress was just the number. I love wearing my black shirt paired with my black tights under dresses, it makes the look complete. I added this sequin scarf for a little bit-o-fun, I love the unique color of it. Ahhh, simple Sunday.

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  1. love it! you are soooo cute. your color(or non-color) palette is lovely, i love me some brown and black!