Friday, March 20, 2009

Back To School

After Andrea and I got accepted to be designers for The West 18th Street Fashion Show, we got right to work knowing we would need all of the time allotted to complete our line. Sewing the scales on one-by-one was more time consuming than I had realized, which caused some anxiety, but overall, I was really loving the whole process. Most importantly, I was learning a lot, sometimes the hard way but still learning, nonetheless. Taking on the fashion show was the push I needed to help me make my career change, so I took the next obvious step and registered at Johnson County Community College for the Fashion Design Program. I enrolled in Fashion Illustration I and Apparel Construction I for the summer session. Both of those classes were really crucial and helped guide me to my next step. Before I get ahead of myself, below are some illustrations that I did for my class. We used nine-head proportions, making the body very elongated, which makes me cringe at myself when I look in the mirror but makes the drawings oh so pretty.

My first illustration for the class was of Madonna from the cover of Vanity Fair.

Plaid rendering using Prismacolor markers, colored pencils and Sharpies.

Sequin rendering using Prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

Fur rendering using Prismacolor markers, colored pencils and Sharpies.

Collage using hand-cut paper, Prismacolor markers, watercolor, colored pencils, and Sharpies.

Knit rendering using Prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

Hardware inspiration using Prismacolor markers, acrylic paint and Sharpies.

Foliage inspiration using Prismacolor markers and Sharpies.

Jewelry inspiration using Prismacolor markers, beads, feathers and Photoshop background.

Two person illustration using Prismacolor markers, watercolors, Sharpies and Photoshop.

Ad layout using Adobe Illustrator.

1950's inspired swimwear presentation board with flats and swatches.

Final Project: Original designs with flats and swatches.

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