Monday, March 23, 2009

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I had no idea my black knee highs were such a treasure, but I love them! They look great layered over tights or by themselves. If seeing me isn't believing, then check out Marni's Spring 2009 line.

Black tights add a nice contrast to bright dresses. I bought this dress two years ago at a boutique on my street. Who knew it would be the perfect dress years later, complete with the popular purple of 2008 AND the yellow of 2009.

Everyone needs a little black dress, or several of them. This one is quite versatile, being made of jersey, it can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories and the shoes. I love belts right now, they really change the mood of an outfit. This belt obviously brought out the sassiness.

Enjoying my morning coffee and feeling confident in this simple yet stylish ensemble. The belt not only spruced up this plain black t-shirt, but also created a pleasing silhouette by showing off my curves and dividing my body into pleasant proportions by elongating the bottom half. Skinny jeans, of course a must-have and I know I can't live without my go-to cowboy boots, also a must have since they go with EVERYTHING! This outfit definitely went from drab to fab with the addition of the layered gold necklace.

I just made this tank-dress yesterday and I simply adore it. It has a racer-back which adds a nice touch and it can be worn with or without a belt. It is absolutely delightful to be able to make something that I would buy at a store. I bought this knit fabric on sale so this dress probably cost me less than ten dollars, knowing how to sew, however, priceless.

It was a chilly Spring day so I decided to layer with my new sweater. I really had to justify spending money on clothes when I don't really have that kind of money, but this is a really nice sweater that will get a lot of use. I like the 3/4 sleeve, good for layering with long sleeves and also good as a light cover for a nice Spring day. It has a gathered band in the back that gives it a fitted shape and the brown is a unique shade. I figure I can make a lot of dresses, but I can't sew a nice sweater and thats all the justification I need.

This ensemble was kind of a wild card. I was really picking my outfit based around the strange peacock feather necklace that I made the other day, and I think it turned out pretty well. I generally don't wear light colored jeans and I haven't worn the black vest very much, but I think both may make it into the rounds more often.

This feather necklace is kind of strange but I like to be a little quirky. That's what is fun about personal style, you make your own rules.

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  1. you are such a cutie patootie. i love the new dress you made, looks so textural!