Friday, March 20, 2009

Portfolio Peek

I settled when I got my first degree, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life ten years ago. Now, I know. After two semesters at Johnson County Community College, it was apparent to me that I was much more mature and determined than my classmates. I excelled at all of my classes, but more importantly I loved going to school. I love fashion and I'm going to love my career in the fashion industry. Knowing all of that, I made the decision to apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. New York is the fashion capital of the United States and FIT is located in the hub of the garment district. The training, the experiences and the connections within the fashion industry that FIT will provide will be invaluable.

The portfolio that I had to submit to FIT for my application was to contain photographs of garments that I had made and sketches of original designs. I believe they rather liked my portfolio because I was accepted to the Fashion Design program for the Fall!!!

For the photo shoot of my garments, my friend, Amanda, manned the camera while Andrea and I modeled.

For the sketches, one of the assignments was to design five articles of clothing. The two tops, two bottoms and jacket were to be mixed and matched to make four outfits for a weekend trip. My sketches consisted of a lace minidress, sheer leggings, a long cardigan sweater, denim trousers and an ostrich leather jacket. Since my photo shoot was in a hotel, I continued the luggage theme and made the fabric swatches into suitcases. I even hand-knitted a couple of the swatches, below. I think they turned out cute, I would wear them!
Just a few more cute sketches...

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