Monday, March 2, 2009

Project Wedding

My sister is getting married in two weeks and I have been getting familiar with the traditions surrounding the big event and taking the opportunity to be hands-on. Lingerie Shower invitations were needed, so I drew upon my prior postcard-making skills and decided to make my own version. I worked at Paper Source during my stint in Washington, D.C. so I knew they would have all the ingredients to make a proper invitation. I really like the way they turned out but most importantly my sister loved them.

I was fretting about dropping a hundred dollars on alteration fees for my chocolate satin strapless bridesmaid dress, so I decided to try to take in the bust by myself. Surprisingly, it was relatively simple. I turned it inside out and separated the lining and the side seams were very accessible.

I removed the white band of boning from the side seam and then took it in 5/8 on each side, tapering in at the waist. I was proud of myself for saving $50, so I decided to reward myself and take it back to the shop to get the hem done.

I adore baking cupcakes, so naturally I volunteered to make the cupcakes for the lingerie shower. In need of some inspirado, I used google images and searched for "lingerie cupcakes." There were several cute ideas, but I thought the ones with upside down chocolate hearts that doubled as a "chest with a bra" or a "bottom with panties" was simply brilliant. They were not only adorable but extremely delicious and needless to say, I devoured a few.

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  1. omg, this all turned out sooooo cute! you are such a great sister! when can we hang mamacita?