Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FIT Campus

Pictured below, is the corner of 27th street and 7th avenue (also known as Fashion Avenue). This neighborhood is called Chelsea and this is where the campus of the Fashion Institute of Technology is located. I am lucky enough to be living right on campus in the dorms, never far from my next class or a late-night workroom. My location is definitely going to come in handy since I have been told that my Advanced One-Year Associates Program in Fashion Design is going to be very intense and I will basically have no social life for the year. It's a little intimidating but I am extremely excited to be a student in one of the best Fashion Design programs in the country. Out of 2700 applicants, 250 students were accepted to the Fashion Design program, and only 50 of us are in the Advanced One-Year program. I feel very honored to be here and have very high expectations for myself, for my career and for my new life in New York City.

While I was at JCCC in Kansas, taking fashion classes, I met Anna. She also had a Bachelors degree from KU, like me, and she also ended up applying to FIT, like me. Amazingly, we both got accepted! It is so nice to automatically have a friend in New York, from the midwest, and in the Fashion Design program. I couldn't have been luckier. Anna is pictured below with her very tall and supportive hubby, Marcus.

Joey specifically asked about my dorm room layout, so I thought I would include some pictures. Again, I think I'm very lucky since my suite is very spacious, has its own kitchen and bathroom, and I share it with a very laid-back, cool roommate. I don't think I could be much happier than this, following my dreams and doing it in the most amazing city in the US.

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  1. looking good, lady. I love your bedding! and I love getting name-dropped in a post, wootwoot.