Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New York Story

Between orientation classes, Anna and I met up with Mayuka and Molly B for an afternoon snack at Brown Cup. Brown Cup is a cute, little, modern cafe around the corner from FIT, with affordable prices. I ate the delicious wasabi salmon sandwich while Molly B took a cat nap.

For dinner, Craig and I drove to the Lower East Side for sushi at Yoshi, and they know how to do it right.

After dinner, we met up with Jenny, another friend originally from Kansas City, who happens to be a knitwear designer. We all headed to Sunny and Scott's beautiful and spacious apartment in Brooklyn, where we enjoyed the cool summer night in the backyard. Sunny is an outerwear designer and Scott is a musician, and I just love being surrounded by all of these creative people. Note to self, if there are affordable apartments like this one available in Brooklyn, I believe that might be where I live next.

Before I headed home (at 2:30 a.m.), we stopped by Steve Ellis' studio. Craig and I went to Steve's wedding last October, where I saw Stella from Project Runway, among other crazy awesome things. Steve is a master at photorealism painting and I got to watch him in action. His latest piece is a statement about commercialization and waste. Again, it is so inspiring to be in the midst of such creative individuals.

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