Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

From my previous post, you know that my friend, Amanda, recently moved to Chicago. She is enjoying the big-city life, riding around town (where the streets are nice and flat) on her bicycle, working in a hot salon called Streets of London and taking in everything the city has to offer. After my last day of work last Friday, I decided to reward myself with a summer vacation to Chicago to visit Amanda. Her apartment is very cute and the location isn't too far from Wicker Park, which is my favorite area in the city.

Wicker Park is where the cool kids hang out, with shops, restaurants and bars galore. As soon as I got into town on Saturday night, we headed to Debonair to see Lykke Li dj a set and dance our asses off. Amanda and I infiltrated Lykke Li's VIP section and I even got a photo with her.

The next morning, we followed up the Debonair aftermath with some diner food and coffee and then headed downtown to do some sightseeing. On the way to the bus-stop, there was a good old-fashioned fire hydrant flood that I couldn't resist.

From there, we headed to the Navy Pier where I was amazed by the vastness of Lake Michigan. It was beautiful to see the man-made cityscape merged with the natural splendor of the lake. The touristy stuff on the pier was (of course) cheesy, but we still had fun.

Navigating through Chicago alone, last week, was a good learning experience and I think it is going to help my transition to New York go more smoothly. It is exactly one week until I move to my new home in New York City. I have been to New York four times and I don't think I've even seen half of it. I will be living in Chelsea, which I have never been to, but I've heard that its a happening spot. I am so excited to explore the city, make friends, and live a healthy, productive and creative lifestyle. In the meantime, would anyone like to pack for me??

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