Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back To School, Again

Yesterday was the first day of class and I was actually feeling the "first day" jitters! I was nervous about being able to flip my creativity switch on demand, but fortunately it all went pretty smoothly and today was even better than yesterday. Yesterday, I started off with a Photoshop class which I felt I could keep up with quite well. My second class was Soft Silhouette Draping, and we didn't actually start any projects but the teacher seems very nice and helpful. Today, I had Structured Silhouette Draping and we dove right in! It was so fun to drape on a dress form, much more interesting than flat patterns. My last class today was Fashion Art and Design. I am already confident with my drawing skills and I am looking forward to developing them even more. So far, I am absolutely loving my classes and looking forward to the rest! Now its off to my Work Study job in the sewing lab, getting paid to do my homework, can't beat that!

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