Monday, September 21, 2009

Flea Fun

I welcomed the weekend with open arms and I had the best of intentions to do homework on Saturday... but I just never got around to it! My plan was to get a bite to eat with Briana and then go to the classroom to work on draping. We decided to get out of our neighborhood and go to the Pink Pony in the Lower East Side but on the way we turned one street early and "serendipity!" a flea market! It was the most fun. I had to dig through piles of could-be-treasures just so I could know I wasn't missing something that I couldn't live without. Briana and I had a lot of fun trying on some of the madness. I really liked a pair of crazy vintage harem pants but the guy wanted $20 bucks and yes, that was out of my price range.

I love old photos. Digital just isn't the same.

We finally made it out of the flea market and to the Lower East Side but then we ran into a Young Designers Market. I especially loved this designer's aesthetic and craftsmanship.

Destination: Pink Pony. Delicious food, great atmosphere, relaxation.

I know I'm probably biased because Craig lived in the Lower East Side and I've spent the most time there, but I really feel at home in that neighborhood. It has so much personality, I just love it.

And then I had a girl's night, New York style! I still miss my girls back in K.C. though!

Left: Katherin, Middle left: Me, Middle right: Briana, Right: Virginia

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, its good to know that we cant be so easily replaced!