Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Already?!

I was hoping I would not get sick for the entire year, since my program is crazy even for the most able-bodied person. So on Monday, I thought my allergies were acting up and by Tuesday, my head felt like a balloon attached to a wavering string of a body. I was not about to miss a class since attendance is something they don't mess around about, so I dragged myself out of bed and into Structured Silhouettes. Luckily, I had almost completely finished my dress over the weekend, and all I had to do was true-in the hem on the flare skirt. I got an A on it, but all I really wanted at that moment was my bed. The professor was very nice to let me go home early after the grading. Below is my dress with a stylized collar, stylized armhole, buttonhole extension and flare skirt.

The next assignment was a creative dart-manipulation bodice. Basically, we were to drape the excess fabric, that is normally put into waist-line and bust-line darts, in a different form. There was so much variation within the class, which is really exciting and inspiring to see how differently everyone thinks when we were all given the same lesson. There were tucks and pleats aplenty, oodles of bloussants, scads of shirring, a couple collars, and a slew of stylized necklines. I kind of threw mine together (in 5 hours) the night before class, due to being sick, so I didn't get to play as much as I would have liked. It still turned out well, and I got another A! I pleated at the front and back waistline, and at the front shoulder and stylized the neckline on the front. I think it would make a cute vest, although, had I the time I would have stylized the armhole as well.

Our next assignment is to do a creative princess bodice. I really like playing with the style tape to change the mood of the bodice, as pictured below. It is interesting to know that as long as you stay within an inch of the apex and ease the excess into that area, the princess seam eliminates the need for darts. I'm learning a lot!!

I can't express how exciting it is to me to be able to design creatively and then learn the technical skills needed to manifest those ideas. So although I was sick, my classes helped keep my spirits up while my body recuperated. Even my Flat Pattern class became exciting when we learned how to manipulate our straight sleeve sloper to create a puff sleeve! The diagram below looks complicated but its pretty logical once you learn it.

I have mounds of homework but at least its fun! More to come...

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