Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Draping for Days

While others ceased laboring on Labor Day, I, along with a couple classmates, used the day to catch up on homework. Briana, pictured below, is a friend from my program. We have all seven classes together, which is nice when you need a homework partner! Yesterday, we both spent hours perfecting our draping project, and it was well worth it. Today seemed like a breeze compared to last week.

Yesterday was also my first introduction to the JUKI industrial sewing machine. I had to put ease stitching into my curved sleeve cap which was mighty difficult, but I accomplished it after a few tries. I'll be an expert soon enough, JUKI and I are going to spend many hours together. Eunhye, pictured below using the JUKI, is also in my program, hailing all the way from Korea.

Below, my finished bodice from yesterday, for my Structured Silhouettes Draping class.

Things were finally starting to click today, and draping the skirt seemed much easier than draping the bodice. Then, we pinned the skirt to the bodice and a very matronly little dress was created.

My second class today was Fashion Art & Design, which is another way of saying "fashion illustration." We drew a bunch of croquis, which are the figures we use to show how the garment looks on a body and I will show you pictures of those another time!

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  1. Fascinating...
    I'm enjoying the whole process!
    Thanks for sharing~