Sunday, September 13, 2009

Leanne Marshall's Spring 2010 Show

I absolutely love FIT so far, especially since the school provides resources such as volunteer work for Fashion Week. Thanks to FIT, I got to see Project Runway winner, Leanne Marshall's Spring 2010 fashion show on Saturday! It was honestly one of the most exciting events of my life. I absolutely love her design style and she is sweet, to boot! (I didn't get to meet her but other students did and they said she was very nice.) The show was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion Gallery on 18th street, not at Bryant Park, but I thought it was a nice venue, anyway. I was given a backstage pass and mostly sat at the table at the front of the house and tried to answer guests questions to the best of my ability without much guidance from the producers. It was not what I consider work at all and then I was allowed to sit in the 2nd row and watch the show!

Below is a quick snap of the backstage area. 

The first famous person that I saw walk in before the show was the model, Alek Wek, and an "Oh, wow..." escaped my lips before I could control it. She is huge! Not huge as in large, but huge as in supermodel status! After that, I was able to check myself and remain cool when the famous people entered. However, when the show was starting I could barely contain my excitement and I think I was bouncing in my seat a bit. Of course I took pictures of all of the looks but I have posted only the best shots that I got. Leanne's P.R. woman said the line was inspired by a font. Although this font remains a mystery to me, I still enjoyed the clean lines and architectural pieces that Leanne is known for. She also tries to use eco-friendly fabrics in the majority of her line which is wonderfully admirable. Show time!

Love below!
Alek Wek below!
Love this model below! She is so sleek!
Amazing, right?! Loved it. Pictured below are a couple of Project Runway stars that you might recognize. Kevin, on the left with the beard, and Jack on the far right, both from Season 4. Suede, from Season 5 was also there to support Leanne. I actually introduced myself to Jack! I told him I was a fashion design student at FIT and he said he went to Parsons. I asked how Project Runway helped his career and he responded that it has changed his life. He said he isn't even doing fashion anymore, now he is in the television business getting paid more to do less work. Life is a journey! 

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  1. Great line about getting into TV from fashion!