Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm in the Mood

I finally made it to Mood Fabrics! Our assignment was to get swatches from Mood for an upcoming project in Fashion Art & Design. Our project centers around two prints, a solid, and a denim, so I wore this bold print dress as inspiration. There was so much beautiful fabric, I was like a child in a candy store.

I also met Swatch, Mood's mascot. If you aren't going to scratch his back or feed him, he just kind of ignores you. Below is Swatch posing for the camera with whom I believe is the owner of the store.

I also had to complete 3 croquis in bathing suits for that same class, so I thought I'd show you different stages of that process. I did most of the work on them at my work study job in the little cubby shown below. Fashion Art & Design is my favorite class. I could sit and draw these pretty ladies all day long. That is part of the reason that I have decided to apply to the Art Concentration. Also, someone suggested that it was a good idea since I will have a more extensive paper portfolio after one year than someone in the one-year Apparel Concentration. Most importantly, I think that is the kind of job I can see myself doing after I graduate, designing clothes and illustrating.

My friend, Christine, got hit by a moving truck when she was crossing the street last week! So crazy, but luckily she just has some rainbow bruises and not anything more serious.

She is healing well and all smiles in draping class.

I have to admit, I had a meltdown about halfway through the week due to the amount of work that we were being assigned. But I pulled it together, and although I was exhausted from staying up late doing homework, I was in good spirits by the end of the week. I enjoy my Soft Silhouettes draping class since its a slower pace and the teacher explains things very clearly. This was my first experience draping a pant and it went very well.

Structured Silhouettes kind of gives me anxiety attacks sometimes because it is so fast paced. However, I am retaining what I'm learning and I take pride in my attention to detail. This week, we applied a convertible collar to our basic bodice, stylized the armhole and applied a facing. My favorite part was using the black style tape to stylize the shape of the collar and armhole. We are beginning to exercise our creativity and that adds interest to the skills we are learning. We also learned how to drape a flared skirt and I will add those pictures later.

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