Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whimsy on a Wednesday

Although today was only my third day of classes, it felt like weeks worth. I kind of feel like I'm in boot camp for fashion designers, but I'm enjoying it and I will come out of it very well prepared. Today, I started my day off with Sewing class, where next week I will be introduced to sewing on Juki industrial machines. All I know is there is one speed on those things, and its fast. Then, I was so pleasantly surprised when I realized we had a THREE hour break for lunch! A free hour around here is like gold, so imagine my delight at three! I didn't think the day could get much better than that... but then it did. My friend, Christine, and I went to sign up to volunteer for Fashion Week and I got so lucky. I really wanted to work for Leanne Marshall, the most recent Project Runway winner, and they had one opening, so I got it! I was so giddy about that for hours afterwards. More details on that to come. My last class today was Life Drawing, in which we are going to be drawing nude models all semester. I can't think of a more relaxing class. I love to draw and now I have hours allotted just to draw! Christine is pictured below in our drawing classroom.

After classes, I treated myself to chinese food delivery! It was delicious and unhealthy, and I ate it much too fast to even think about taking a picture. After dinner, I headed out to buy more art supplies. On my way, I noticed a crowd of people, many with cameras and an excited buzz was in the air. I asked what everyone was waiting for and I was told they were shooting an episode of Gossip Girl and "Blair" was about to come outside. I have watched a single episode of Gossip Girl, so my first instinct was to keep walking, but since I've been in New York, my sense of adventure has become more acute, so I waited a moment. And out rushed "Blair" and I was not at all ready with my camera. So I took my camera out, and tried to get a shot of one of the dude characters, but alas I am a terrible paparazzi. I'll keep my day job.


  1. your cute! dont worry about the industrials, its just like driving a big car, no sweat!

  2. OMG you saw Gossip Girl people!!!! I LOVE that show-I know I'm stupid. Its cool. Today Marcus was up by Lincoln Center for an interview and they were filming GG in a hotel and he tried to get a snap but nobody ever came out while he was there.

  3. Wow...interesting
    Great city to be in!
    Fab weekend~